lørdag 8. oktober 2016


A list of where we found our bathroom materials:
Walls: Cementdesign from Dekorhuset.no
Floor and wall tiles: Flisespesialisten, Arendal
Counter: Made by my husband
Sinks: Bathco
Faucets: Ikea
Mirrors: Bloomingville Interiors (shelfs buildt in behind them)
Bathtub: Megaflis

Have a lovely Saturday!!
Interiørkonsulent , New Room Interior

fredag 7. oktober 2016

onsdag 5. oktober 2016

Read the story about this brave family...

...in the newest issue of Foreldre og Barn!

Pictures by me, text by Written by Renate.
Take a look at her facebook page for more touching (and some funny) stories!

Enjoy your day!

Interiørkonsulent , New Room Interior

mandag 3. oktober 2016


It's Monday!
Enjoy your week, and fall break for the lucky ones ;-)

Interiørkonsulent , New Room Interior

mandag 13. juni 2016


A beautiful, sunny Monday!
Wishing U the best for this new week!
Interiørkonsulent, New Room Interior

onsdag 8. juni 2016